Theft Defense Attorney in Cape Coral

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Crimes of grand theft and burglary are often associated together because many burglaries involve the theft of another’s assets or property. In reality, theft and burglary are separate crimes which carry their own sentencing guidelines upon a conviction.

Petit Theft & Grand Theft: A theft occurs when one illegally takes possession of another’s property, assets or valuables without that person’s freely-given consent. Depending upon the actual value of that which was taken, and the type of crime which was committed a theft may be charged as a PetitTheft (under $300 in value), or Grand Theft (over $300 in value), which are respectively a misdemeanor crime, and a felony crime. Theft does not require the accused to enter a structure in order to commit the crime.

Burglary: A crime of burglary occurs when an individual unlawfully enters into, or remains in, any structure with the intent to commit a crime. The crime committed in the structure does not have to be carried out, as long as intent can be proved.

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